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l tell you.Thanks!

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l tell you.Thanks!

Message par liaiptJo le Mer 3 Aoû - 11:30

Hello. I use only Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs. For DL i only use the Verbs and they all work fine. I used to use CMC discs thinking all DVD media was the same and that the lowest price was the best way to go. Then one day i noticed the same issue you stated on a disc i had backed up on a CMC. Funny thing was, it played back perfectly once before. I checked the rest of my CMCs using Nero cd/dvd drive speed and the disc quality test. Most of them were down to 70% quality or less and they were only a year or less old. I switched to Tys and that problem went away. Test your surviving disc with Nero or something like DVD Info Pro, and see what kind of errors it reports back, or the quality score you get. Burning at slower speeds doesnt always give you better quality, and in some cases, it actually reduces quality. One of my drives gives better quality with an 8x burn vs a 4x burn. PI/PIF PO tests will give you an idea as to the quality of your burns both now, and later. 4x to 8x burns is the max i suggest, but some burn faster. I know for computer chip manufacture the dose is a formula of laser energy vs amount of time. For DVDs laser energy should be constant, either on, or off, but speed is the variable we can control. The Nero tool is the way to test to see what speed works best for you. Use good media and burn at "safe" speeds, and you should be fine. Also if you can booktype your DVD+R to DVD-ROM, it will be more compatible with stand alones and multiple players. Here is a blog i did on how to do that with various programs 20 May 2006 @ 8:17Die CMC Mag!!!


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